Natural Cleaning Trifecta
$ 35.00

Natural Cleaning Trifecta


The top three reasons why our Natural Cleaning Trifecta is a win:
1. You can clean a large percentage of the surfaces in your home with these three cleaners. We've got you covered when it comes to naturally clean sinks, tubs, counter tops, windows, mirrors, toilet bowls and more. 

2. You know what's inside and it's not a tongue-twisting litany of chemicals. Our cleaners are made with baking soda, soap, vinegar and essential oils. You could make these cleaners yourself if you had the time and inclination and we periodically lead workshops to show people how. Even though it's not a federal requirement, our ingredients are labeled in detail because it's important that you know what you're using inside your home. 

3. Our scents are the real deal and your nose will appreciate the difference. We use essential oils that are steam distilled or expeller pressed from plants. This really separates our products from many commercial cleaners (even popular natural cleaners) which tend to be heavy on the synthetic fragrances made with petrochemicals.

The Trifecta includes a 16 ounce all-purpose spray cleaner, a 10 ounce powder cleanser and a 10 ounce sink & tub cleaner.

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