Whoa Nelli natural cleaning products at Moss in downtown Iowa City

Moss in downtown Iowa City, Iowa stocks Whoa Nelli natural cleaning products as well as a limited selection of our skincare products. Find all of our home cleaners in the citrus-blend scent as well as basil-mint lip balm, ginger-grapefruit bath salts and hibiscus face masks at Moss. Moss is located at 112A E Washington Iowa City, IA. 

Dan and Debbie's Creamery in Ely, Iowa

Dan and Debbie's Creamery in Ely, Iowa carries a select assortment of Whoa Nelli lip balms, sugar lip scrubs as well as natural home cleaners and laundry powder. Along with the fresh dairy products they produce, Dan and Debbie's carries foods and products you'd find at a farmers' market -- all handcrafted and produced by small Iowa businesses like ours. They are located at 1600 Main Street in Ely, IA.


Whoa Nelli products are available at Healthy Harvest in downtown Rock Island, IL

Our natural cleaning products and lip balms are available at the brand new Healthy Harvest Urban Farms in downtown Rock Island. It's a locally owned grocery store and cafe that supports many small IL and IA businesses like ours. Our new laundry soap, spray cleaners, sink & tub scrubs, powder cleansers and lip balms are there. Healthy Harvest is located at 1616 2nd Avenue, Rock Island, IL.

find Whoa Nelli at indie craft fairs and farmers markets

Whoa Nelli participates in indie craft fairs, pop-ups and farmers markets throughout the year (mostly May through December). Please check our events and news page for the latest schedule of events.