Natural DIY Home Cleaners Workshop July 7 in Coralville, IA

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A class on the merits of environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products sparked Mary Paoli’s interest. Now she shares and demonstrates the preparation of her easy, inexpensive recipes for all-natural sink and tub cleaner (similar to Soft Scrub), and all-purpose spray cleaner (for windows, mirrors, countertops, and even floors!). Making cleaning products at home also eliminates the need for single-use containers. Learn how to create pleasing custom scents with natural essential oils. Students will each take home a container of sink and tub cleaner and an all-purpose spray cleaner, and will receive handouts with recipes for additional do-it-yourself cleaners.
Tues., July 7, 6-8PM
New Pioneer Food Co-op
Coralville, IA
Register in advance with the New Pioneer Food Co-op

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