natural cleaning products for sustainable home cleaning


non-toxic & sustainably packaged
natural laundry detergent made with soap


fresh & light scent

What Matters to us

We use simple, non-toxic ingredients like soap, baking soda and vinegar to create household cleaners that are natural workhorses.

Products are packaged with minimal single-use plastic. Zero-waste refills are available where that's possible.

A growing number of businesses are making a meaningful difference with their work--we're proud that our small business is a part of that movement. 

Praise for Products

I can't tell you how many natural laundry soaps I've tried. This takes the cake, it comes from a small business, it's affordable and sustainable packaging is used!

Morgan N.

We love that our clothing doesn’t have a fake perfumed scent and we don’t have to lug around giant detergent containers. Wonderful product, quick delivery & also lasts a very long time!

Sarah K.

I am SO impressed with the products - not only do they smell great, they work great. We’ve got two young kiddos so knowing the products are safe and effective is a win-win.

April P.

I LOVE this soap! The fragrance, the feel on my hands, the shape, the ingredients--now that I am washing hands all day long, I am soooo happy to have found Whoa Nelli!

Sharon L.

I love this scour product. After buying one, I purchased more, so that I have it in both bathrooms and in the kitchen. The product safely cleans our sinks and stovetop.

Evelyn M.

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